VUMA-network 2018 Q3

Press Room
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What’s new in Q3?

This latest version is jam-packed with new features and updates

Some of the key features include:

  • Indicative energy balance waterfall graph added to the dashboard
  • Much smaller file sizes
  • Additional “Select similar branches by” options
  • Tabular stope panel
  • Updated translations
  • Speed improvements to Blast fume clearance solving
  • Quick summary values on selected cells in the reporter
  • New layer color and highlighting modes
  • Additional branch hints and an updated editor
  • Wizards to assist with locating and connecting of unconnected branches
  • Planned controls highlighting
  • Easier stage editing and identification
  • Calculator
  • (Spanish & Polish)
  • Improved reading of Deswik files with missing fields
  • Capex dashboard on planned controls
  • Electric power unit conversion calculator
  • Exporting models for 3D printing