VUMA-network 5.0 Software

VUMA-network 5.0 is an interactive network simulation programme developed to assist mine-ventilation engineers and practitioners to plan, design, operate and control the ventilation and cooling systems of underground mines.

Allows for the simultaneous simulation of:

  • Airflow
  • Air thermodynamic behaviour
  • Heat, cooling and refrigeration
  • Gases (including radon and DPM)
  • Dust emissions

Key Features

  • Heat loads, cooling and refrigeration
  • What-If Analysis

    • The comparison of different simulations to see the knock-on effect of any changes in input parameters.
  • Blast Module

    • Clearance and tracking of contaminants
    • Determine blast clearance time
  • Fire Module

    • Considers combustion effects of fire on the network, i.e. ventilation flow turnaround.
    • Simulates the success of possible firefighting scenarios
    • Simulates whether existing fire control measures are adequate e.g. doors installed to control a conveyor belt fire
  • Escape Route Planning

    Allows for safe travel distance planning from working areas to refuge chambers

Applications include

  • Planning and design
  • Energy optimisation
  • Fault finding and troubleshooting
  • What-if scenario analyses
  • Dust and/or gas tracing
  • Refrigeration cooling system design
  • Verifying environmental performance

Coal Module Integrated into VUMA-network 5.0

  • Functions similarly to VUMA-network but, has been developed to satisfy the specific needs of a coal mine.
  • Used for the simulation of steady-state environmental conditions encountered in underground coal mines.
  • Controls airflow and pollutant [dust, gas, smoke, etc.] distributions interactively throughout a coal mine-ventilation circuit.
  • Accurately represents coal-mine layouts as well as mining methods.

VUMA-network 5.0 is now available

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