Software for mine ventilation, cooling and environmental control


The VUMA-suite of software comprises world leading windows-based software packages for mine ventilation, cooling, and environment control, and is applicable to a full variety of underground mining methods.

VUMA products are based on current research and development and use state-of-art procedures and technology.

All VUMA algorithms have been verified in recent work and over a development period of some two decades. VUMA represents a significant knowledge-base and is a major step-forward on past software, from both technical and user-friendly perspectives.

The VUMA simulation program is specifically designed to assist underground ventilation control engineers and practitioners to plan, design and operate mine ventilation systems. The VUMA suite of software are interactive Windows programs that allows for the simultaneous steady-state simulation of air flow, air thermodynamic behavior and gas and dust emissions in an underground mine.

The program caters for a wide variety of mining methods. A fundamental feature of VUMA-Network is the incorporation of user-friendly interfaces that allow simulation networks to be constructed and viewed graphically and what-if studies to be rapidly performed to determine optimal designs and system requirements.

VUMA can be used with confidence for ventilation optimization, planning and life of mine designs.


We strive to remain the mine ventilation software package of choice through continuous development, servicing our clients, their needs and ensuring our products accuracy. In order to allow for rapid modelling, VUMA allows the user to import directly from various mine planning packages (like MAPTEK, CADSMine, Deswik, DataMine, Surpac and others) and utilize various tools to clean up these models. VUMA has been developed by international leaders with over a century’s combined experience. VUMA’s algorithms were calibrated using measured data from some of the world’s deepest mines. For enhanced accuracy the solution algorithm assumes compressible air heat. VUMA’s solution engine contains effective and specialised modelling algorithms for all types of mining activities in hard rock and coal mines.

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