What Distinguishes VUMA?

The following features are some of the differentiators that set VUMA apart from other mine-ventilation software in the market:


VUMA was especially developed for use in deep, hot mines and, as such, has placed an emphasis on the accurate modelling of the heat loads that are often encountered in the mining industry. These types of mines are: young tunnels, advancing development faces and broken rock and auto compression as well as managing the positive effects of employing cooling in their systems. The program calculates heat loads and cooling requirements and calculators are included to assist with designing air cooler configurations. The VUMA solver provides a simultaneous solution consisting of aerodynamic, thermodynamic and contaminant data, which adjusts heat pickup as density and then the resulting airflow, changes. The VUMA solver has been in development for decades and is constantly revised to keep up with the rapid advancements in mining production, new mining technologies and mining methods. Accuracy and reliability are the priority of VUMA; our software foregoes some of the, more superficial, ‘bells and whistles’ in order to focus on the more important parts of keeping a ventilation network, optimal.


VUMA is independent of any mine ventilation equipment supplier, which allows us to market the software without any fear of prejudice and the capability to adapt to any mining system.

Easy input of heat load components

VUMA allows for quick and easy input of heat load components, after which the solver calculates the resulting sensible and latent heat components. The various stopping methods are controlled by user inserts into their mine design criteria. The user is not required to calculate the latent and sensible heat, the VUMA solver will calculate the heat load from the mine design data supplied.


VUMA ships with numerous calculators, including psychrometric and bulk air cooler design calculators, to make understanding and realising your vision so much easier.

What-If scenarios

VUMA allows the user to easily perform multiple what-if analyses on a single model, after which the timeous results of those changes are presented in an easy-to-understand and easy-to-use format.


VUMA support services are available to meet our software users’ needs. Our support services ensure we respond to any query within 24 hours. A dedicated, user feedback section exists on our website to ensure customer satisfaction and performance verification for all the men and women using our software every day.


VUMA supports interoperability between other ventilation network simulators.

VUMA-network 5.0 is now available


VUMA heat flow algorithms are developed from reliable, empirical data gathered from research done in the world’s deepest gold mines. This ensures that VUMA can accurately and reliably predict the heat generated from any heat sources, helping create the most precise design.

Room and pillar

This allows for the rapid construction of detailed coal mine layouts, or room and pillar-type layouts in mechanized hard rock mines (amongst others). VUMA provides room and pillar branch tools, that can create a complete section layout of the environment with a single, simple click of the button.


VUMA offers access to incredible training and online resources and support to local universities, mining schools and professionals utilising our software. We also offer courses at our local branches as well as on-site and face-to-face, if required. This will help build the next generation of empowered engineers and ventilation workers who – with VUMA’s help – will, not only, progress their careers but, the future of our industry.

Blast and fire modelling

VUMA provides options to perform both, fire and blast clearance simulations, as part of the free full version of VUMA-network, with no additional premiums to pay. Our fire modelling is handled using the latest version of MFIRE – a trusted system, developed and maintained by NIOSH/CDC.

Branch types

VUMA has seven unique branch types to help realistically model the components in a given mine ventilation network, including specialised branches to assist with the modelling of production zones (stopes) and development headings.

Modifications, plug-ins and add-ons

In-house development, client-requested modifications and custom additions are all possible with VUMA’s flexible software. A client can choose a solution that suits their specific needs (including paid plug-ins) that can advance this already, cutting-edge software and create your perfect monitoring and detection system. In addition, new features are launched quarterly, keeping the software evolving as well as bug fixes that are always rolled out, immediately.

Ease of use

VUMA’s simple input forms and category management (with descriptions), makes it easier and quicker to complete the input of data. With our added integration between mine planning packages, the time required to construct ventilation models has been drastically reduced from days to hours. This significant advantage enhances the holistic and full-service approach required for effective, modern mine planning and design as well as meeting the demand for fast, reliable and accurate answers.

BBE Group services

BBE Group’s support, resources and expertise in global mine ventilation and cooling methods, for over 30 years; has made their services, implementation and problem-solving in the industry – truly – world-class. This is aided by our amazing team of ventilation engineers who are available to work on-site, whenever required.


VUMA is the only ventilation software that offers the user the ability to edit the reference drawings inside the program, without having to purchase any additional software, like AutoCAD or MicroStation. VUMA also has numerous, easy to use clean-up tools that assist in greatly reducing the complexity of the mine layout. VUMA also supports the import of Maptek (Vulcan) and CADSMine files via purpose-built plugins.

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