Why simulate?

  • Ensure safe ventilation in your mine
  • Optimise use of ventilation resources
  • Reduce your primary ventilation system absorbed power
  • Reduce your power cost of ventilation
  • Avoid major ventilation capital expense surprises
  • Optimise your current available system hardware

VUMA software

VUMA’s industry-leading, software is designed to accurately simulate airflow, heat loads, gases (including radon), dust, blast clearance and fires.


VUMA-live provides engineers with real-time risk analysis, risk management and rapid responses to any alarms.


VUMA-network allows engineers to plan, design, operate and control the ventilation and cooling systems.


VUMA-hub allows Occupational Hygienists to better manage their data, develop comprehensive reports and improve productivity.

VUMA-network 5.0 now available for download

We may use your contact information to confirm if you require support

    Frequently asked questions

    Download VUMA from the home page and run the setup file

    It is best practice to uninstall any previous instance/s of Vuma

    Once VUMA is installed follow the onscreen prompts to guide you through activating and obtaining a VUMA license key

    Yes, it is advised for the easiest activation that an internet connection should be available, alternatively an offline activation can be made by contacting your VUMA support. The help file is available from www.vuma3d.com/Products/Network/Documentation/VUMA-network_licensing_help_file_en.pdf

    English, Spanish, Polish with limited support, and simplified Chinese.

    Watch the video changing language under the Tutorial tab

    The program will periodically receive automatic update alerts containing new features and enhancements

    Support is available via email (info@vuma3d.com), or alternatively by visiting or phoning one of our regional offices.  For a full list, visit our website (https://www.vuma3d.com/contact-us/)


    • Intel I3 or equivalent processor
    • 4 GB RAM
    • 2 GB of available hard disk space
    • Windows 10
    • DirectX 9 graphics device [NVIDIA 7 Series or higher]
    • Internet access for online activation
    • Admin rights (installation only)


    • Intel I5/I7 equivalent processor
    • 8 GB RAM or more
    • 23” Screen
    • NVIDIA GTX Series, Intel 4000 or equivalent dedicated graphics hardware