VUMA network Q1 2020 release

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To our valued clients

The health and wellbeing of our staff, clients and the wider community is our number one priority. In light of the COVID-19 virus we’re adapting to the circumstances and are working from home. We’ll still provide the same high level of service you’re accustomed to and you can reach us through the normal phone and online channels for business and technical support. #staysafe

Thank you for your continued support and please don’t hesitate to contact us with any queries.

Happy to help!
The VUMA team

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Q1 2020 Release

Top 7 Exciting New Features
  • Fan Library Updates – Overhauled the fan library look and feel and allows TP/SP as well as further input options.
  • Blast Solver – The blast solver now accounts for respirable dust tracing, user defined result interval, playback colours per gas type and the ability to toggle smoke trials.
  • Dockable Panels & Themes – Following numerous requests we have added a dark theme and dockable panels allowing you to personalise your VUMA experience.
  • Custom Service Water – Users can insert service water as flow rate (ℓ/s) and VUMA will then calculate the resultant effect.
  • Performance of Thermal Control Managers – All thermal control mangers now have a graph added that displays input and output temperatures.
  • Refuge Chamber Coverage – Determine if your refuge chambers are in coverage as per the mines requirement i.e. refuge chambers to be within 500 m of each other.
  • Airflow Tracing – Various options have been added to allow the user to trace airflow such as:

    1. Air travel time between points ideal for stench gas or smoke detection.
    2. Forward air trace can be set to limit the number of steps particularly useful in sorting out recirculation.
    3. Unrestricted path i.e. a path with no ventilation appliances such as regulators, doors, etc.

Feature Previews Screenshots

For a full list of other new features and updates click HERE