VUMA3D-network 2018 Q4 Release

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What’s new in Q4?

  • Escape route planning from production zones and stopes
  • CAPEX report – monthly breakdowns
  • 5 Additional tutorial videos
  • Saving of personalised settings
  • Branches can be grouped for easier selection
  • Disconnect branches when dragging

Our approach

In this release we have focused in improving the user experience and have spent many merry hours on enhancing existing features such as:

  • Data tables on histograms
  • Development end visual settings now auto-updates
  • Added dedicated shortcuts for Aero and Full solve to the Quick Access toolbar
  • Pressing Escape key will revert to the Intake/Return colour mode
  • Exporting to DWG is now stage aware
  • Tools – Add remove sub data – multi selection aware
  • Add / remove contaminants – Option to add by service return air type
  • Fan dashboard – multi-selecting
  • Power conversion calculator (Christo)
  • Vehicle moisture – label updates
  • Min. temperature range adjusted (Hannes)
  • Ducting tool now support irregular shapes
  • Mark multi selected branches as leakages or commitments
  • Unmark branches as leakages or commitments from within the dashboard

Bug fixes

We have fixed the following :

  • Excluding branches – setting the correct node state (Lukas)
  • Dust concentration label on node hints (Javier)
  • Sorting of reference drawing after changing the visibility (Lukas)
  • Energy balance ignored certain control managers (Miguel)
  • Reporter – hiding of the ID column
  • Changing branch types after using the Picker tool (Hannes)
  • Energy balance – Reference datum level (Tony)
  • Annotation depth editing (Lukas)
  • Fan library editing (Mark)
  • Long file name display (Ralph)
  • Face air cooler values in the energy balance graphs (Tony)
  • Text colour changes – no need to restart (Miguel)

Everything else is fine (We hope)