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Over 30 years of specialised research and development – and with many decades of industry experience – BBE Group‘s engineers have created software that has fundamentally changed how the mining industry operates. BBE Group are the driving force behind this significant leap in mining technology as well as its proliferation around the world.

The team delivers user-friendly software package that is consistently driving improvements in safety, operations and performance for ventilation and refrigeration engineers. Not only are BBE Group the designers of the software but they are also able and ready to help you implement VUMA to its fullest potential.

VUMA software utilises a combination of thermodynamic and aerodynamic, interactive mine-network modelling algorithms that the VUMA team can customise for any mining system or orebody.

VUMA is used in the planning, design, energy optimisation, management and real-time monitoring of mine ventilation networks across the globe. This state-of-art software gives users the opportunity to gain complete control over the crucial ventilation and cooling aspects of the mining process.

The benefits and dependability of our software has led to our incredible reputation in the market, which we are proud of – and committed to maintaining.

This is what sets VUMA’s software apart, as a global leader, in the mining sector: Accessible, trusted, reliable and evolving. VUMA software is the support you need to take your ventilation systems to the next level – for anyone, anywhere in the world. With the full, FREE version of our VUMA-network now downloadable: the next step is yours.

VUMA software

VUMA’s industry-leading, software is designed to accurately simulate airflow, heat loads, gases (including radon), dust, blast clearance and fires.


VUMA-live provides engineers with real-time risk analysis, risk management and rapid responses to any alarms.


VUMA-network allows engineers to plan, design, operate and control the ventilation and cooling systems.


VUMA-hub allows Occupational Hygienists to better manage their data, develop comprehensive reports and improve productivity.

VUMA-network 5.0 is now available

Benefits of using VUMA

  • VUMA is becoming that ‘mine-ventilation software package of choice’ throughout the industry due to our commitment, professionalism and knowledge. In addition to, our continuous development, exceptional service of our clients and their specific needs and ensuring accuracy and reliability time and again.
  • VUMA has multiple tools to assist with network construction and management.
  • Easy and efficient importing directly from various mine-plan formats and utilising our software tools to “clean up” the network faster than ever.
  • VUMA software is an easy-to-use and versatile system that can be adapted to any company or product.
  • Solution algorithm utilises compressible air for enhanced accuracy.
  • Solution engines of the package contain effective and specialised modelling algorithms for all types of mining activities in hard rock or coal mines.
  • VUMA’s algorithms have been developed through mountains of analysed and verified data from some of the deepest and hottest mines in the world.
  • Result of BBE Group’s 30+ years of experience in implementing ventilation & cooling solutions

VUMA mission

Creating superior mine ventilation software through continuous development, supporting our clients’ specific needs, wherever they are, and ensuring that they value our product’s accuracy.

VUMA vision

To be the leading, free and trusted mine ventilation software package when making large scale mining investment decisions.

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