New tech calculates ventilation recovery

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Mine ventilation, refrigeration, and cooling engineering consultants BBE Group, in August released the 2021 version of its flagship Vuma-network, free of charge, to the mining sector and other interested parties worldwide.

BBE’s in-house product, called Vuma-transient, used by BBE engineers, enables a mine to estimate its recovery time following a period of nonoperation, typically following a power or mechanical failure of the ventilation appliance.

However, it can also be used for prolonged periods of inactivity, such as care and maintenance.

“Vuma-transient can be applied to care-and-maintenance shafts as the mine progresses in its build-up to full production. In this instance, it can be used to estimate the timing of the systems’ recovery, as well as the correct combination of airflow and cooling required,” says BBE Consulting ventilation engineer Miguel Coelho.

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