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VUMA-live Software

Safety and productivity in any underground operation is highly dependent on the environmental conditions in which those employees work. VUMA-live provides for real-time risk analysis, risk management and rapid responses to any alarms.

In a large mine, it is not always practical or cost effective to install or maintain monitoring instruments in every underground intake and return airway. Therefore, the use of real-time ventilation software, such as VUMA-live, is important to predict environmental conditions using a limited number of strategically -placed measuring stations.

Not only can this software effectively predict conditions in workplaces but, provides a 3D graphical interface to better visualise the results for temperatures, velocities, dust and gas concentrations, etc.

Why VUMA-live?

  • Daily reporting
  • Risk analysis
  • Visualisation of underground conditions
  • Early warning system
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Forward emergency planning

Benefits of VUMA-live

  • Improves energy management
  • Visualises the ventilation system
  • Assists line management in better executing their duties
  • Optimises networks
  • Provides a proactive approach

VUMA-network now available at no cost*

How it works

Data can be received through various methods from the measuring stations along the mine network (SCADA).

Once VUMA-live receives the data it then calibrates potential solutions and compares them with the base calibrated model.

Using minimum number of measuring stations, the rest of the conditions in the mine are predicted with incredible accuracy.


A report – that is fully is customisable to client’s requirements – is generated at a set time each day and covers all the environmental conditions of the previous 24 hours.

Real time details can also be viewed in each branch of the model thereby, allowing the user to drill down to problem areas in the mine.

Alarms notifying changes in ventilation conditions can be sent via email or SMS which allows the user to react more quickly to remedy the problem identified.

Blast tracking & Emergency planning

VUMA-live can also interact with the mine’s fire detection system; allowing for a visualisation of areas affected by contaminants and the tracking of its movement. The daily blast can also be monitored to determine if the mine is clear as well as determine the blast clearance time available. In an emergency situation, as in the case of a fire, the user will be able to identify which parts of the mine are affected by contaminants by their 3D graphical interface; so, no more looking at a 2D plan and, manually, plotting the fire points, instantly improving the user’s ability to combat a fire.