Slide VUMA-lev Gain access to our local exhaust ventilation software. Design and/or evaluate the performance of the LEV system as well as predict the impact of LEV system performance due to system alterations
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VUMA-lev Software

Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV) system is an engineering control system that captures dusts, vapours, and fumes at their source of generation and transports them away from the workers’ breathing zone. This prevents workers from inhaling these substances and reduces contamination levels of the general, workplace air.

Capturing ABPs at the source of generation has proven to be a far more effective method of lowering ABP levels than simple air dilution using general ventilation. However, LEV – and general ventilation – systems are interdependent engineering controls options. If a plant’s contaminant levels are too high, the first step of implementing an engineering control will be to design and/or evaluate the performance of the LEV system to combat it. This will be done to optimise the performance of the LEV system, ultimately, lowering the dilution rate required by the general ventilation system.

The most important part of any LEV system is the design. Quite simply, if the design is not correct, the system will not work effectively. VUMA-lev is an evaluation and design tool for general ventilation systems that ensures the correct volume flows, distribution, carry velocity etc. for LEV duct system networks. The software is very valuable in determining the impact on the LEV system’s performance if geometry or other elements are altered. VUMA-lev is a LEV network simulator based on BBE’s flagship VUMA-network simulator.

VUMA-lev allows you to

  • Evaluate existing LEV systems’ performance
  • Predict the impact of system alterations on LEV systems’ performance
  • Model and/or design new LEV system designs

VUMA-lev real time monitoring

VUMA-lev can be coupled with several strategic sensors and this offers real-time monitoring of the LEV system to ensure that it is operating according to the design around the clock. Alarms will be raised if the design criteria are not met for any reason.

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