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VUMA is the original mine ventilation software, owned by the BBE Group, that offers simulation of the atmospheric and environmental conditions found in underground mines. This premium software empowers mining and ventilation engineers to gain complete control over the crucial ventilation and cooling aspects of mining processes and is compatible with a range of mining methods.

The best news? VUMA-network is available at no cost!

The VUMA suite of software is a Windows-based software package that has been developed as a decision-making tool to assist ventilation engineers and practitioners to plan, design and operate the ventilation and cooling systems of underground mines worldwide. VUMA allows engineers to test hypotheses prior to applying it in underground situations.

Accuracy is crucial

VUMA’s heat flow algorithms have been developed through extensive empirical data gathered from some of the deepest and hottest mines in the world. This attention to detail allows the integrated solution’s engine to accurately calculate the heat flow from numerous sources.

To ensure that VUMA software remains at the forefront of technological development, continuous and regular software updates take place. This go-to ventilation simulation tool is trusted and used by BBE Global’s top engineers.


The full version of the VUMA-network software is available at no cost!
The VUMA software suite comprises the following modules:

  • VUMA-network, the flagship product, allows engineers to plan, design and operate their ventilation and cooling systems.
  • VUMA-live provides engineers with real-time risk analysis, risk management and rapid responses to any alarms, with the potential to control their ventilation and cooling systems.
  • VUMA-lev allows occupational hygienists / engineers to design and evaluate the performance of their local exhaust ventilation system.

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