VUMA Q1 2019 Free

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VUMA is an interactive network simulation program designed and developed to assist mine ventilation engineers and practitioners to plan, design, operate and control cooling and ventilation systems.

BBE Global fully supports the continuous development of improved health and safety of underground mine workers worldwide. Therefore, by supplying VUMA software at no cost, we believe that our contribution will help to make an instrumental and trustworthy difference in underground mines. VUMA is a powerful tool that will enable mine ventilation personnel to design and model a healthy working environment that will lead to improved safety and production.

The VUMA software heritage is based on BBE Global engineers who are the architects of combined thermodynamic and aerodynamic interactive mine network modelling. We continue to be committed to a user friendly software package that consistently drives improvements in operation and performance – ventilation engineers are hard-pressed to find a more invested partner.

Our comprehensive software innovations include the following for this update:

Escape route planning

Allows for safe travel distance planning from working areas to refuge chambers. Includes inclines and slopes (angle of travel) against the capacity of the self-rescue packs.

Mass flow dashboard

Allows for users to verify leakages and ventilation commitments, as well as view network In-flow | Out-flow balance as well as an air utilization graph.

Energy balance

Allows for a graph of all the thermo flows (heating and cooling) in any model, enabling users to determine if an appropriate balance has been achieved.

What-if analysis

Allows for comparison of simulations to see the knock-on effect of any change in input parameters.

Capital costing of ventilation infrastructure

An easy to use cost breakdown dashboard in either monthly or yearly total, available in your preferred currency.

Support will be offered by BBE Global from our South African and Canadian offices, ensuring that all training and self-help material is easily accessible. This will include video tutorials in both English and Spanish. We believe that our support services enhance the capability of our product.

The software remains a very powerful tool for mining businesses as it is able to fully integrate rapid modelling functionality by enabling direct imports from various mine planning packages (like Maptek, CADSMine, Deswik, DataMine, Surpac and others).

VUMA-network is now available to all bona fide mining professionals and consultants at no cost. A nominal annual maintenance fee towards updates and continued support may apply after a year of use.