Perth and Brisbane VumA ventilation network modelling course.

We are inviting ventilation industry professionals to participate in this free training event introducing the VumA suite of software and providing basic ventilation modelling training. The training and software licenses will be provided free of charge to industry.

The VumA software heritage is based on BBE engineers who are the architects of combined thermodynamic and aerodynamic interactive mine network modelling with a 35 year track record.

VumA announced in 2019 that the software will be available to all bona fi de mining professionals and consultants at no cost. Delegates need to provide their own laptops.

The courses will be held as follows:
Perth – 23rd/24th March 2020, Joondalup Resort
Brisbane – 30th/31st March 2020 The Hub, Anzac Square
To register your interest in the training email

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VUMA-network is now available at no cost

VUMA software known to be the leading mine ventilation and refrigeration program worldwide, is delighted to announce that our cutting-edge heat, cooling and ventilation simulation will now be available for FREE* and supported in Spanish.

Support will be offered by BBE from the Canadian, South African and Australian offices, ensuring that all training and self-help material is easily accessible. While we know that innovative systems and technology are important, we also believe that our support services enhance the capability of our product. This will include video tutorials in both English and Spanish.

*Free Subsequently a nominal annual maintenance fee towards updates and continued support may apply after a year of use.




VUMA-network 2018 Q3

This latest version is jam-packed with new features and updates

What’s new in Q3?

Some of the key features include:

  • Indicative energy balance waterfall graph added to the dashboard
  • Much smaller file sizes
  • Quick summary values on selected cells in the reporter
  • Planned controls highlighting
  • Capex dashboard on planned controls
  • Wizards to assist with locating and connecting of unconnected branches
  • Additional “Select similar branches by” options
  • Easier stage editing and identification
  • New layer color and
    highlighting modes
  • Tabular stope panel
  • calculator
  • Electric power unit conversion calculator
  • Updated translations
  • (Spanish & Polish)
  • Exporting models for 3D printing
  • Speed improvements to Blast fume clearance solving
  • Improved reading of Deswik files with missing fields
  • Additional branch hints and an updated editor