Who will have access to the free version?
All bona fide mining professionals, consultants and tertiary institutions. VUMA however retains the right to revoke a license if the terms of the EULA are not honoured
Why is it available at no cost / free?

BBE’s mission is to improve health and safety of underground mine workers worldwide, hence we rather give it to our clients at no cost and establish other funding sources that are motivated by our dissemination of this ventilation tool/knowledge base.

Is there any hidden costs or subscription fees applicable?
A small token of US$350/R5000 will be applicable to receive maintenance, support and upgrades / additions, 12-months after the original activation.

Tertiary institutions meeting the requirements will continue to receive maintenance at no cost

Will the free version expire?

The free version will never expire (perpetual). Maintenance is required to keep VUMA updated with the latest features and to receive support

Getting started with VUMA?

Download VUMA from the home page and run the setup file

Do I need to uninstall previous version of VUMA?

It is best practice to uninstall any previous instance/s of Vuma

How do I obtain a licence key?

Once VUMA is installed follow the onscreen prompts to guide you through activating and obtaining a VUMA licence key

Do I need internet to activate the VUMAlicence?

Yes, it is advised for the easiest activation that an internet connection should be available, alternatively an offline activation can be made by contacting your VUMA support. The help file is available from www.vuma3d.com/Products/Network/Documentation/VUMA-network_licensing_help_file_en.pdf

In what languages is VUMA available and supported?

English and Spanish (Polish with limited support)

Switching languages?

Watch the video changing language under the Tutorial tab

Updating VUMA?

The program will periodically receive automatic update alerts containing new features and enhancements

Support for VUMA?

Support is available via email (info@vuma3d.com), or alternatively by visiting or phoning one of our regional offices.  For a full list, visit our website (https://www.vuma3d.com/contact-us/)

What are the requirements to run VUMA?
  • Minimum:
    • Intel I3 or equivalent processor
    • 4 GB RAM
    • 2 GB of available hard disk space
    • Windows 10
    • DirectX 9 graphics device [NVIDIA 7 Series or higher]
    • Internet access for online activation
    • Admin rights (installation only)
  • Recommended:
    • Intel I5/I7 equivalent processor
    • 8 GB RAM or more
    • 23” Screen
    • NVIDIA GTX Series, Intel 4000 or equivalent dedicated graphics hardware