Why choose VUMA?

VUMA has developed ground-breaking software that offers an interactive simulation of environmental conditions found in underground mines.

This suite of products has made simulating, controlling and monitoring mine ventilation, cooling and environmental conditions – across a variety of mining methods and commodities.

Vuma empowers mining and ventilation engineers to do their jobs more capably and more effectively than previously, thought possible.

VUMA software

VUMA’s industry-leading, software is designed to accurately simulate airflow, heat loads, gases (including radon), dust, blast clearance and fires.


VUMA-live provides engineers with real-time risk analysis, risk management and rapid responses to any alarms.


VUMA-network allows engineers to plan, design, operate and control the ventilation and cooling systems.


VUMA-hub allows Occupational Hygienists to better manage their data, develop comprehensive reports and improve productivity.

VUMA Training Offered

VUMA offers basic, advanced and personalised courses as per users requirements.